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Agile is... common sense rebranded.

Agile is... doing deliberately what feels right instinctively.

Agile is... how humans naturally work best together.

Agile is... simple, but not always easy.

Develop your Agile Skills and Mindset from Discovery to Mastery and to Leadership, using step-by-step comprehensive Agile Learning Pathways, with access to the Community and Coaches.

They provide accessible, practical and self-paced learning and development.

Pathways 1, 2 and 3 contain over 75 videos - plus links and downloads.

A total of 7.5 hours of videos - plus recommended 3rd party content.

Short, easy to review and consume.

Pathway 4 (Leadership) contains over 40 videos - plus links.

A total of 4.25 hours of videos - plus recommended 3rd party content.

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Agile Maturity Assessments

Hello, and welcome to Agile Learning from The Corrie Partnership.

Imagine this… your team, your colleagues are motivated and productive, they are innovative problem solvers, they are fulfilling their potential, and they are edifying of their organization, their team, their boss and their leaders.

Imagine that they return from the weekend enthused and energised, with the solutions to the problems the team has been tackling over the previous week. Although they have switched off and enjoyed a full weekend with their families and friends, their subconscious minds have continued to deliver ideas which they eagerly bring back to the working week.

If this were the case, would your team and your organization flourish?

Agile is common sense rebranded. And Agile shows us that, with the right Mindset, the right Principles and the right Practices, humans can achieve extraordinary things, by working together, in a psychologically safe environment. Agile delivers all this by increasing collaboration, removing bureaucracy, and guiding us to work together the way humans are naturally supposed to work together.

How did they do that?

  • How did 3M deliver a new prototype in 5 weeks when their normal new product introduction cycle was 7 years?
  • How did a car factory in California go from being the worst performing to the best performing in just 6 months with the same staff, but with a new leadership team and new ways of working?
  • How did an individual in a legal department, with no Agile training other than watching the videos in the introduction pathway, which we tailored for their company, deliver 3 months’ worth of work in just 3 weeks? And this was in their first 3 weeks of applying Agile!

Explore with us the Agile Mindset, these Agile ways of working, and the Agile Principles and Practices which have delivered predictable results since long before the Agile Manifesto was created.

Simply explained and immediately applicable, the videos in these pathways provide step-by-step, bite-sized learning, so that you can turn your current work, your current project, into your Agile classroom.

Learning is best done at your pace. Learning is best done when you can pick the area to focus on which is relevant to your current need. Learning is best done when you can immediately apply what you have learned to the very next hour of your day.

We hope you enjoy your Agile Learning journey with us, and we look forward to helping you unleash your full potential, both in your work life and your private life.


  • Being an effective Agile Professional means having the right technical knowledge and skills, but crucially the right Mindset.

  • Adopt a practical and pragmatic approach to work, problem-solving, innovation and collaboration, one step at a time.

  • It seems that one of the best ways to adopt a new behaviour is to review a small amount of relevant information, and immediately apply that to our existing work or project.
  • This way you go at your own pace, and you don't waste time learning things which may not yet be applicable to you.

  • Agile, properly applied, encourages people to work together to achieve the desired outcomes. 

  • Embeded learning comes through a combination of Explanation, Evidence, Experience and Experimentation. The Pathways and the Community, together with your Coach, can support your journey. If you would like further help get in touch with your Coach or contact us.
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Orientation Video - how to navigate the pathways


Your Pathways Towards

Mastering Agile

Discovering The World of Agile - Pathway 1

Developing into an Agile Practitioner

Introducing you to the ideas and concepts of Agile.  

Learning Outcomes: Understand and appreciate Agile benefits and practices which can be applied immediately to your daily lives, both work and personal.

More details & curriculum

Advancing with Agile - Pathways 2 & 3

Evolving into an Agile Professional


Becoming an effective team member. Building your knowledge and understanding, and being fully immersed in the subtleties of Agile as you gain experience and confidence through learning and practice. 

Learning Outcomes: Building the confidence to experiment with Agile. Unpacking the human side of Agile, and the personal development required for teams to optimise their effectiveness at achieving their agreed outcomes.

More details & curriculum

Leadership in Agile - Pathway 4 - Coming Soon

Leading Teams of Agile Professionals


The knowledge and skills required to lead a single agile team or an entire organisation. 

Learning Outcomes: Explore the emotional and human elements of Agile, in partcular the Agile Mindset. Understand how to combine organisational alignment with team autonomy. Tap into the full potential of your teams.


More details & curriculum
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Get access to the Agile Learning Community & Pathways for 12 months 

You will have access to all the current available content in the pathways you subscribe to, as well as any new content developed for those pathways. 

You will have access to the Agile Learning Community and to the coaches via email and through the Community area.

A word on Certificates and Qualifications

Included in your registration, at the end of each pathway you will receive a Certificate of Completion, confirming that you have been through the material and successfully answered the knowledge review (which you can re-take as many times as you like).


 Would you be interested in...

We are planning to also provide Certificates of Qualification which you will be able to work towards to confirm that you have achieved a higher level of understanding and that you practically apply what you have learned in your daily life. 

These CoQs would require feedback from those you work with, and your coaches, confirming that they observe you “being agile”. 

Like an accountancy, solicitor or medical qualification, this is not something you can buy, it has to be earned, and it may take time. 

Some Agilists may be able to evidence these skills very soon after finishing the pathways, others may need time for practice and coaching.

Please let us know if you would be interested in Certificates of Qualification.